You can make a reservation for your favourite place!

On de map you will find the available places: T1 till T4 are meant for (large) tents and folding cars, C0 till C6 are meant for caravans and motorhomes (paved places, maximum length 6 meters), M1 till M4 are suitable for both tents/folding cars and caravans/motorhomes (maximum length 6 meters). These places have an electricity connection.

In the bookingsmodule you can find the availibility for each place and make a reservatiuon right away. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Attention: if you will come with a small tent, you can stay on the 'trekkersveld' (see map), without electricity connections. Reservations for these places can be done by mail ( or phone +31 15 380 8053.