GARBAGE can be deposited separately in the bins near the sanitary unit. There are bins for paper, glass, organic waste and residual waste.

WASTEWATER can be discharged into the toilets UNLESS they contain harmful substances for our IBA (individual wastewater treatment). Thinks that wastewater isn't allowed to contain, and which therefore can not be discharged: paints, thinners, chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, high levels of fats, high concentrations of bleach / chlorine, solvents, cleaners, hygiene wipes, tampons, sanitary napkins, diapers, condoms, oil products , acids, solid food waste.
There is NO possibility to empty a bucket (chemical toilet).

CARS are only allowed on paved trails and on the parking lot. For transportation of belongings to the campsite is a wagon available.

We have limited space for CAMPERS and CARAVANS. There is a paved area for five caravan / camper sites. MAXIMUM LENGTH in connection with accessibility is 590cm (including pole).

REST and SILENCE TIME from 23:00 to 8:00.

PETS are normally allowed when anounced in advance. DOGS always on a leash. If nuisance is expected or detected, then pets can be refused.

MAXIMUM standing time is 4 weeks

We do not accept LIABILITY for destruction, damage, loss, etc. of goods that are on our site or for accidents of humans and animals.
You need to take care of insuring your belongings.